Look Good Versus Feel Good

It’s somewhat easy to design a life that LOOKS good on the outside.  You can snap photos of yourself living your #blessed or #best life and people will admire how successful and happy you are.

True success is a life that FEELS good, though, no matter how it looks.

As a coach, I hear people’s deep down desires and daily realities.  I know what their life is truly like and how they feel living it since they share those thoughts with me.

The happiest clients are more concerned with making choices that FEEL good to them versus crafting a life that simply looks good yet is full of stress.

Also, when your life FEELS good to you it might even look good on the outside since you will be more relaxed and radiant - but that’s just a bonus!  It isn’t something you need to worry about. Instead, direct all of your attention to the choices that make you FEEL the best.

For example:

  • If working in your high-pressure and demanding job (even if it’s prestigious) stresses you out, it’s OK to leave and do work that FEELS good to you at a pace that FEELS right.
  • If you’re trying to be the perfect parent but you’re constantly feeling like it’s never enough, it’s OK to do LESS and focus on more impactful activities with your kids that FEEL good to do.
  • If you check social media regularly and find yourself trying to emulate everyone else, it’s OK to totally be yourself instead.  Just be YOU, even if you aren’t like everyone else, since it will feel much better in the long run.
  • If you’ve been wearing the office ‘uniform’ - all dark colors - but don’t feel happy about it, go ahead and wear RED or a bright color since it will FEEL better to allow yourself to shine!
  • If you’re spending money on things you don’t really want but think you should have, it’s OK to stop that and be true to yourself.  Have less stuff and less debt since it might FEEL better to live that way.
  • If you notice you’ve been making choices to please your boss, spouse, parents or anyone else...it’s OK to stop looking for approval.  Instead, ask YOURSELF which choice feels good and then do that - no matter what other people think.

Final Words: Begin noticing how you FEEL about every choice you make.  Ask yourself this question: “Am I doing this because it looks good or because it feels good or right?”

When you design a life that FEELS good to you, you’ll be happier on a much deeper level. That’s what I want for everyone reading this, including YOU!