Self Care


If you are like most of my clients, you probably feel the demands of daily life. Life can be stressful, to say the least! It is essential for you to take good care of yourself so you can meet the demands in life with grace and ease.

I want you to feel a sense of flow and grace while you accomplish your goals. If you're feeling ragged or unsure of your energy supply, please consider making self-care a priority for at least a few months.

SELF CARE - A way of living that incorporates behaviors that enable you to maintain personal health and balance, replenish energy and motivation, and take good care of yourself.

First of all, let's take a look at some of the hallmarks of self care. Someone taking good care of him/herself might have some of these qualities: (Do you want any of them?)

  • Hair, skin and nails look great.
  • Clothes that don't look flattering are tossed.
  • Body in good shape, feel proud about it.
  • Teeth are white and feel like smiling a lot.
  • Body treated as your "temple" - rarely eat sugar, caffeine, etc.
  • Take vitamins daily, no vitamin deficiencies.
  • Drink LOTS of water (dehydration=fatigue).
  • Surround yourself with experts to help with any "PROBLEM AREAS " such as taxes, home/house cleaner, massage therapist, dog walker, errand runner, etc. Have a big SUPPORT NETWORK of people to help you.
  • Healthy food in fridge, a RESERVE of it. 
  • Up to date physical exams, dental, etc. No health worries.
  • Nurturing home environment.
  • Primary sources of stress identified and eliminated.
  • Spouse ADDS energy to your life
  • Pets ADD energy to your life. (If not, find a way?? obedience training, regular cleanings, a brushing to handle pet dander, etc.)
  • Boundaries set and enforced so you remain calm.
  • "Problems/tolerations" eliminated regularly so life is not about "problems"
  • Time alone each day to reflect on the day, unwind, etc.
  • Healthy daily rituals such as spiritual reading in A.M., walking outside, drinking fresh juice, etc.
  • Physically active EVERY DAY, stretch, etc.
  • Needs met. Find a way for each one to get met.
  • Healed past hurts with people.
  • Most of day spent doing what you WANT to do, versus what you SHOULD.
  • Something to look forward to EACH day. (Hobby?)
  • Regular vacations/retreats planned to relax and renew.
  • Regular time with spouse, date night, etc.
  • Great at saying "NO!" Don't take on too much.
  • Smile a lot. Feel joyful about life.

Looking at this list may bring on a host of feelings. Many people have a tough time with self care. We are trained to focus on other people, not ourselves. It may seem self indulgent to practice self care, too, right?

If you feel drained, or less than joyful, you could benefit from more self care. 

My GLOW course might be perfect for you, if you'd like to make self-care a big focus right now!