Let's Make Your Life Awesome
(one week at a time)

Unleash your potential with personal coaching. We offer the strategies and support to finally get what you want out of life! Choose any 'course of action' and let's begin!

Inner Circle

We'll begin the year by setting juicy goals in 8 areas of your life and each week you'll take a step forward with bite-sized actions or big leaps. The entire program is delivered online, through weekly articles and exercises that are very do-able and designed to help you go after what you really, truly want with more gusto!  Plus, you will interact directly (one-on-one, through email, each week) with your coach.


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What They're Saying

Kristin Taliaferro, MCC, is an ICF Master Certified Coach - a designation awarded to the top 1% of coaches worldwide.

"When you sign up for a course, we will personally connect and determine the best start date for you. Then, I'll pace your progress by emailing a written assignment with clear direction for the week ahead. We will continue the process through a combination of online lessons and personalized email sessions, so you're fully supported and inspired along the way. The courses are stripped of all non-essentials so there aren't any videos to slog through, message boards to search for help, or busy work. This is a partnership and all you have to do is follow through with your weekly assignment and ask for help if you need it."

Kristin also offers coaching in person or by phone at KristinCoach.com.