About Your Coach

Kristin Taliaferro, MCC, is an ICF Master Certified Coach - a designation awarded to the top 1% of coaches worldwide.

"When you sign up for a course, we will personally connect and determine the best start date for you. Then, I'll pace your progress by emailing a written assignment with clear direction for the week ahead. We will continue the process through a combination of online lessons and personalized email sessions, so you're fully supported and inspired along the way. The courses are stripped of all non-essentials so there aren't any videos to slog through, message boards to search for help, or busy work. This is a partnership and all you have to do is follow through with your weekly assignment and ask for help if you need it."

Kristin also offers coaching in person or by phone at KristinCoach.com.

Getting stuck in life happens when you don't have strategies or support to get what you want. Don't worry - I've got you covered on both - Coach Kristin

About Courses 

Most of us know our lives could be better. Or, we sense there's another level of personal growth we'd like to experience. 

Our courses are designed to make goal attainment and personal growth easier to achieve. We will pace your progress (and reduce any overwhelm) with a targeted assignment each week sent to your phone/ipad/computer. Plus, we'll hold you accountable by asking you to check in once a week with your updates or questions. Many of our courses also include private phone coaching sessions with your coach. 

There are lots of other ways to get motivated for change. But, let's be honest. Most of them fire you up and then fizzle you out.

  • Self Help Books - We love books, too!  How many of your books are actually 'shelf-help', waiting to be read?
  • Live Workshops and Events - So energizing! But, what happens after you get home?  Are you able to keep up the pace and momentum?
  • Other Online Programs With Video Lessons -  While dazzling and entertaining (at first), it's easy to find yourself fast forwarding through the videos while searching for the 'meat' or the main point. Who has the time?! Plus, most of those other programs give you access to all of the lessons at once so you can binge watch the entire course in one day. Overwhelming, to say the least. It's also not the best way to retain what you're learning.
  • Ted Talks, Podcasts or Blog Articles - These are superb for sparking ideas!  Are you merely ingesting ideas or actually integrating them through exercises and action?
  • Goal Setting or Accountability Apps - If you're a techie, a good app can be helpful but it still lacks the personal touch of a real-live coach talking with you.
  • Do-It-Yourself-Plan - Yes, you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to! Isn't it more fun to partner and check in with someone, though? Plus, two minds are always better than one. 
  • Traditional Coaching - Of course we love it since we offer it at our other site KristinCoach.com. Usually, when you hire a coach, you are free to set the agenda for the discussions and you may address any topic that feels important to you each week. By comparison, our courses have a pre-determined focus with specific exercises that are tailored to you.  

Through our unique pacing process, you will bypass the feelings of fear and overwhelm so you're free to simply take action. Our clients gain momentum from the very first week, and you will, too. This isn't about getting fired up and fizzling out. Rather, it's about being inspired, supported, and excited to take consistent steps forward.

View our courses here. Begin with any course that intrigues you and let's begin!