Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is KristinCoachCourses all about?

Our mission is to provide you with strategies and support to actively create the life you truly want.

We've taken the best and most effective coaching assignments and organized them into "courses of action" for you. You'll need about an hour a week (15 minute blocks are OK) to read and follow through with each weekly assignment. Each course also includes personal support and accountability from your coach. If you like the idea of doing a bite-sized coaching assignment each week while building momentum toward your goal, you will love our courses!

QWhat happens after I sign up for a course?

We will determine your start date and then you'll begin!

After signing up, you'll receive an email prompting you to choose your preferred start date.  Most people begin their course on the following Sunday or Monday.  You will also schedule a call with Coach Kristin to discuss the course objectives. Then, you'll dig in and begin with your first assignment for the week. 

QHow long are the phone coaching sessions included with some courses?

Most of the courses include personal phone coaching sessions each month lasting about 30 minutes each.

The one-on-one phone sessions are greatly beneficial and will help you stay accountable, energized, and focused. The number of phone sessions included will be listed on each course description page. 

QI am already busy - is coaching hard to do?

We are here to make your life easier - not more complicated.  

With our effective strategies, unique pacing, and personal support, you will feel yourself gaining momentum each week without feeling bogged down or stressed out with 'one more thing to do'.

QWhere should I begin?

To begin, choose any course that interests you.  

Let your gut guide you and don't overthink it too much. However, if you are interested in a few and don't know which one is right for you, reach out and we'll gladly help you decide.   You may also want to filter your choices by price since each course has a different price point. After completing your 1st course and getting to know you, your coach will suggest the next course of action and a strategy for reaching all of your goals while actively creating the life YOU truly want.  

QHow is Coach Kristin qualified to coach me?

Kristin Taliaferro holds the highest credential (top 1%) within the life and career coaching industry - Master Certified Coach.  

She opened her coaching business in 1998.  Prior to that, Kristin owned an executive recruiting agency.  Learn more about Kristin by clicking the 'about your coach' tab on any course description page.