How To Give Your Goals A Boost

It's that time again!  Do you have your goals for the year? 

Great!  Now what? 

Here's how to turbo charge your goals with personal goal statements:

Select your top 10 (or more) goals for the year. Use present tense, be positive and state the goal as if you've already achieved it. Include why you feel excited about it, how your life changed or the overall benefit of having what you want.  


Let's say one of your goals this year is to pay off the balance of your credit cards, totaling 22K. Here's how you might word it:

*  I am so grateful for my $0 balance on all 3 credit cards!  I finally feel like I have breathing room again and now I'm able to save extra money.  It's feels so incredible to shift from trying to catch up with my money to getting ahead and saving.

Or, let's say you want to pay down $10K this year on your cards, which would still leave a balance owed. If THAT is what feels do-able and paying the entire balance feels overwhelming (when we get overwhelmed we remain stuck), stick with this one for now.  You can always change it later! Here's how you might word it:

*  I am so grateful I consolidated my 3 cards into one payment and automatically transferred $500 every 2 weeks to my credit cards.  That was a very smart decision and it made paying down 10K much easier than I imagined.  I'm thrilled my cards are nearly halfway paid off and I'm on track to keep going until it's gone.  Yeah ME!

Here's another example for a weight loss goal:

*  Wow, I look amazing in these size 6 jeans.  It's been fun getting compliments this year as I steadily lost weight and toned up with my workouts.  An added bonus is the energy surge I feel and how hot I'll look at my college reunion!

How to use your statements to energize your goals:

1.  Write them down in a journal, on index cards or a poster board.

2.  READ each statement daily.  Very important.  

3.  Feel excited as you read each statement and take a moment to visualize yourself having what you want.

A previous client in my Inner Circle program agreed to share her personal goal statements with you.

Here are a few:


"My logo and website have been transformed! They stand out and are creating brand recognition for me. My products, services and reference materials are easy to find on the web and tons of traffic is driven to my site daily, resulting in significant income."

"I am thrilled my blog has so many followers who are encouraging and grateful for the material I am providing. The blog has helped me improve my writing and reader’s responses are helping me in my book writing and revising too. I am creating raving fans that are anxious for my book to be released so they can buy it!"


"I am grinning from ear to ear as I board the plane in LA for Fiji. I am so excited and grateful for my first class seat and can’t wait to see all the staff at Namale and to luxuriate in the best bures and rooms during my stay. I’m excited about the Health and Wealth Mastery workshop which will propel my body and finances into the best state of my life. I am excited to meet so many wonderfully present, fun and engaging people. I am extremely grateful I’m able to easily and effortlessly pay for this 18 day trip. Being in Fiji again feels like coming home."

"WOW I’m having so much fun taking 6 vacations this year! From California to Alabama to Fiji to Vegas to Madeline Island and several other places – every trip is so much fun, so relaxing and exactly what I need to take care of me. I’m taking fantastic pictures with my new camera, many of which I’m posting on my blog and will use as illustrations in my book."


"My left shoulder and arm feel SOOO good! I’m extremely grateful I found the perfect people to help me restore my body to its natural healthy state quickly, easily and effortlessly. My body feels so strong and limber when I lift weights, practice yoga and exercise. With my body feeling so good it’s been a piece of cake to sculpt my sexy washboard abs. I look and feel fantastic wearing a bikini on my tropical vacations. I don’t even mind when friends take swimsuit photos of me!"


"I am so grateful to feel connected and involved in the lives of my family and friends. I see and talk to them often and always know what’s going on in their lives. We have fun and laugh together, sharing meals and interesting activities. Keeping in touch with my family and friends is so easy! Plans come together with very little effort and I’m happy to be an integral part of their lives."

"I am so excited and grateful for the amazing business relationships and friendships I have developed this year. I have helped connect innumerable women and am proud I have contributed to their success. I am amazed at the depth of these relationships and how many genuine, caring and supportive relationships I have cultivated. An added bonus is the massive amounts of gold and silver I have purchased through these wonderful connections and I can honestly say they have helped me achieve my goal of doubling my income this year. My networking groups ROCK!"


"What a huge relief it is to have cleared out all my unwanted beads, findings, displays and supplies! The wonderful things I have sold are now in the hands of people who feel truly blessed and grateful to have them. My office has been transformed into a writing haven and I love spending time there daily writing and revising my book, doing research, reading and even meditating. I feel peaceful yet motivated in my well organized and now spacious office."

"I am so excited and grateful I found the perfect company to install and monitor my alarm system. It’s so nice to have received free installation and equipment and my monthly monitoring fees are extremely reasonable. The best part, though, is that I now feel completely safe and secure knowing my home and my possessions are protected by a reliable, maintenance free alarm system that’s easy for me and the boys to operate and use on a daily basis."

Personal Growth/Spirituality/Service 

"Giving back to my community and volunteering for worthwhile causes feels sooo good! The perfect volunteer opportunities have easily and effortlessly landed in my lap and I am thoroughly enjoying helping these charities on a monthly basis. I’m grateful for the wonderful people I have met this year through my volunteer efforts as well and feel blessed to be able to help those in need."

"Ahhh, I love meditating…by myself and also surrounded by positive and present people. I am enjoying trying different types of meditation and have found several that bring me peace and tranquility. I am ever grateful meditation has become a part of my daily life and keeps me calm, centered and present."


"I am so excited, so grateful and truly amazed that my income has doubled this year. The universe has orchestrated a significant flow of money into my life in ways I could not have imagined. Attracting money and abundance into my life is so easy for me. I feel blessed I’ve been able to pay for college tuition and books and both boys’ personal needs, to buy a new 4 wheel drive car that I love, furniture for the basement, flat screen TVs, a Vitamix blender, matching nightstand and a new bookshelf for the family room. The massive influx of money this year has funded my fabulous vacations and I’m ever so grateful I’m saving 10% of my income on a monthly basis. Being able to fully fund my index account and fill past year’s buckets is incredible! I can breathe now and feel safe, secure and in control."

"I am so thankful for my lawyer preparing a top notch will and other important documents for me. I feel relieved that my boys will be taken care of if anything happens to me and have gratefully appointed the best people to assist in executing my will."


"Walking outside on a daily basis has done wonders for my energy level. My dog loves our walks and I thoroughly enjoy soaking up the beauty of the world around me in every season. Now that I am sleeping 7 hours every night I feel more vital and accomplish so much more! I continue to be grateful for my soft sheets, feather pillows and super comfy pillow top mattress on a daily basis. "

"I look forward every other week to having phenomenal massages that relax my body and my mind and release any and all stuck energy. What a blessing to have such talented masseuses working on my beautiful, strong body. It’s a treat I always look forward to!"

Aren't those AWESOME?  Kim did an outstanding job with this exercise.  Her personal goal statements are full of emotion and each one inspires her to take action.

Note:  This exercise is part of the Inner Circle Program.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT:  This week, write out at least 10 personal goal statements in present tense. Make sure you choose the goals that matter A LOT to you. Then, FOCUS on your statements by reading them daily!